Try the dental floss trick for the perfect winged eyeliner

I find the winged eyeliner to be very deceptive. On its own it, it looks so minimal and elegant and come on, it’s just a line so it can’t be that difficult to get it right. Ok, not really! If you’ve been struggling with it, we’ll show you this brilliant dental floss trick for the perfect winged eyeliner thanks to Instagram user @iamsugarcoated.

I’ve seen ladies use various things as an eyeliner guide, but never dental floss. This is actually quite clever.

Before you begin, make sure you have a liquid eyeliner and a dental floss pick. That’s all you need!

To begin with, coat the floss with liquid eyeliner.

Then, carefully place it in the outer corner of the eye at a slightly upward angle and gently press it on the skin.

The dental floss will leave a subtle mark and now you can use it as a guide to draw the wing without messing it up.

Not all of us have steady hands so this is actually super useful, especially when you’re trying to put yourself together first thing in the morning without being late at work. Voila! This is how you perform the dental floss trick for the perfect winged eyeliner, which I’m sure will become quite popular.

And yes, you’ll probably need to stock up on dental floss picks because you’ll be using them for more than just oral hygiene. I’ve already tried this and I have to admit, it makes applying eyeliner a much less frustrating experience. Definitely recommended!

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