6 Easy ways to run faster at your next marathon

I think most people would agree that in order to become a better athlete you must practice, practice and then rinse and repeat. They’re not wrong but there are also other factors that come into play. If you’re looking to improve your running speed, there are actually a few easy ways to run faster at your next marathon.

None of them are related to practicing, diet and whatnot. Think about something that’s common sense like having a comfortable pair of running shoes. Of course, they’ll help you run faster! But there are plenty other variables that can affect running speed. Some of them you can’t control, but we’ll talk about those you can. And it’s effortless, really!

6 Easy ways to run faster at your next marathon

You don’t need to be a professional athlete in order to want to improve your running speed. You don’t even need to dream about taking the 1st place. Some people just want to improve for the satisfaction this can give them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to squeeze the last drop of performance out of you, you need to be smart about it and we will show you some easy ways to run faster at your next marathon. Here’s what you can do:

1. Run on flat terrain

You might think you can make up for the time lost uphill once you get downhill but here’s the truth: you can’t. If you want to smash your previous speed record be sure to choose a route that’s a flat course. Obviously, you could also try to find a race that’s mostly downhill – this would definitely be considered cheating, but you will surely get the best speed under these conditions.

2. Run on a day with cool weather

Cloudy and about 45-degrees are the perfect weather conditions to run your fastest. Weather is not exactly something you can control, but often marathon organizers do their best to choose a location with predictable weather that’s as close to these parameters as possible, so there you go! If you want, you can install a weather app on your phone, to track the daily weather. Here’s a good list here.

3. Run in a pack

Wait, what? You might wonder how on Earth would running along other people could help you with your speed. Well, it seems that running in a pack with other runners helps your subconscious keep up. Just find a pack that’s running at the speed you think you can keep up with and stay close to them.

4. Hydrate while running

When it comes to improving your personal record every break counts. Sure, races usually have water stops but most of the times there are some volunteers that stand with a cup in hand waiting for you to grab it as you keep running. Alternatively, you can just make sure you have a water bottle or sports drink with you at all times, so you can hydrate at your convenience.

5. Take the shortest path on the race track

Most tracks have at least some twists and turns but if you really want to get the best time, make sure you always follow the shortest legal path. This means you need to be careful and take each turn on the inside. This one was a no-brainer, really!

6. Invest in the right pair of shoes

A beginner runner might get away with a cheaper pair of sneakers but if advance to the point in which you care for your progress, you will need to shell out some money for some quality running shoes. We all know they’re not exactly cheap, but it’s certainly a mandatory investment if you want to run faster.

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