5 Pantry organization ideas that are absolutely brilliant

Oh, the pantry. That place where you keep all your food supplies which ends up being so disorganized you can barely find the coffee container in the morning. Well….no more! We have some clever but also stylish pantry organization ideas that will remove all that clutter so your food will always be easy to find. Also, it doesn’t hurt to check expiration dates on product labels every once in a while, right?

Here’s the thing with pantries – the bigger they are, the more food we manage to cram up in there. So you might complain if you have a small pantry, but if you had a bigger one it would still be too small. To eliminate this problem you need a smart storage system with practical containers and labels are also not optional.

5 Genius pantry organization ideas

Luckily, we have some smart pantry organization ideas to show you and we’re sure at least one of them will be your next pantry makeover. Keep reading to find out practical ways of reorganizing your pantry that will give your food supplies the space they deserve.

1. Make your own DIY leather labels for a modern and stylish pantry

TheMerryTought came up with these awesome-looking DIY leather labels that are also super easy to make. We also love how their pantry is airy and those white wired baskets certainly give it a tidy and spacious vibe!

2. Cut some functional vinyl labels with your Silhouette machine

If you’ve forgotten all about your Silhouette it’s time to wipe off the dust and put it to work. ClassyClutter also added some cute flower wall decals that make their pantry look so vibrant.

3. Add usage instructions to take your pantry labels to the next level

This is absolutely brilliant. Why bother to search in your recipe book for basic food preparation instructions such as cooking rice, oatmeal or pancakes when you can just add them to the label. You will not only have an organized pantry but cooking will be that much easier. Kudos to TheCountryChicCottage for their great idea!

4. Make your own wooden crates to give your pantry the farmhouse look

This pantry is absolutely perfect! There are plastic, wooden and textile containers but all of them are lightly colored which is a must when it comes to the farmhouse style. Even more, DesignDiningAndDiapers made their own wooden crates with wooden labels made using Silhouette-cut vinyl stencils. The results were totally worth the effort.

5. Use woven baskets in your pantry to make it more “homey”

I love woven baskets and using the in the pantry as storage containers is an excellent idea. AskAnnaMoseley also applied some cute chalkboard labels onto them to make them look even more rustic. Super cute, right?

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